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2015-2016 Season Survey Results

The results of the recent survey are now available for your review. Thank you to all who participated. Your feedback was thoroughly reviewed by the full board and continues to be addressed.

View Your Hockey Schedule

There are a few different ways you can view your player's schedule this season.  You can view it on the Calendar page on the website.  You can view it via an iCal feed.  Or you can download the SportsEngine Mobile App and add your player's team.  Let's go over the options below:

First, the Calendar page on the website can be found be clicking the Calendar tab along the top menu of our website.  You can also find it by clicking here:  Once on this page, you must select the appropriate tags for your player's team.  This can be confusing because all past seasons are listed for every single team.  This cannot be changed without losing all history of our team progress throughout the seasons.  Specifically, your player's team will be found near the bottom under the HCYHA (All Seasons) section. 

The next option is via iCal feed.  Many of us utilize electronic calendars, on our computers and/or smartphones.  Most of these calendaring applications support the automatic updates from "iCal" feeds.  To see helpful steps on how to set this up from your SmartPhone, click here.

The last option is using the SportsEngine Mobile App.  This is a great way to quickly see your player's schedule and all other pertinent information regarding the team.  This application is a direct link to the website's team pages.  What is on the team page is on your mobile device.  Once you've downloaded the app, search for your player's team.  If you type in HCYHA, you will see many, many teams that are from previous seasons.  Finding what you are looking for can be difficult.  So when searching, type in your team number to find the right page the first time.

Team numbers are below:

  • Bantam A:  1650337
  • Bantam B:  1650336
  • Peewee A:  1650339
  • Peewee B:  1650338
  • U12:  1650327
  • All Squirts:  1650342
  • Squirt White:  1650348
  • Squirt Navy:  1650349
  • U10:  1650329
  • U8:  1650343
  • All Mites:  1650341
  • Mini Mite 1:  1650335
  • Mini Mite 2:  1650334
  • Goalie School:  1650347
  • LTS 1:  1650345
  • LTS 2:  1650346

These numbers are also found at the top of each Team Page on the website.

The hope is you find which one of these methods work for you.  Some people choose to use all three methods while some will rest with just one.